SPC4 Unlimited
Jeema SMS Component
SkyTechNG HRM SAAS - Human Resource Management

SkyTechNG HRM Saas is an HR Management solution designed to make common tasks faster and your life easier.
A Complete HR Management Solution that delivers……

SkyTechNG Hospital Management System

SkyTechNG Hospital Management System is the most complete and multi-functional hospital or medical center management system online. It collaborates admin, patients, doctors, nurses, laboratorists, pharmacists, receptionist, accountants so that all the paper works and manual tiresome works can be automated easily and efficiently.

SkyTechNG File Management System

SkyTechNG File Management System is the ultimate file sharing and document manager. Manage your files in the cloud with desktop-like intuitive features such as dragging files to send to contacts and groups, moving files to other folders or even deleting them. 

Taxi Application Android & iOS Solution + dashboard

A fully featured taxi application offering a feature-set offering standard features a taxi service business might need. Using Websocket it does the bidirectional connection needed for a taxi service fast and stable.

SkyTechNG Project Manager CRM
SkyTechNG CRM and Project Management
SkyTechNG Courier Logistics
Human Resources Module For SkyTechNG CRM and Project Management

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